A person is getting a hot stone massage.

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Embark on a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation with our specialized massage experiences at Mendocino Massage. From the soothing warmth of Stone Massage to the invigorating Sole Revival and Total Indulgence packages, immerse yourself in a world of total well-being and tranquility.

Stone Massage

90 Minutes

$ 195
Restore your physical and spiritual balance with hot river stones in this deeply relaxing massage. Hot river stones release muscle tension, melt away stress and restore a deep sense of inner peace.

Sole Revival

50 Minutes

$ 100
Enjoy a salt scrub, mask, and moisturizing massage for the feet and calves.

Reflexology Treatment

60 Minutes

$ 120
Sole Revival with a reflexology treatment.

Total Indulgence

90 Minutes

$ 200
Mendocino Massage with Sole Revival.

Total Emergence

90 Minutes

$ 200
Mendocino Massage with facial massage treatment
Age intervention facial at an additional $25.
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