A woman getting her face washed with clay

Discover Our Exquisite Skincare Packages

Enjoy relaxation and skincare indulgence with our range of skincare packages at Mendocino Massage. Experience the combined bliss of a rejuvenating massage and facial treatment, ensuring a harmonious escape for your body and soul.

Facial Massage Treatment $120

Our facials include cleansing, exfoliation, nourishment with botanical extracts and serums, massage, masque and moisturizing for optimal results.

Age Intervention Facial $145

Apply a custom blend of highly effective professional-grade serums and masks, infused with vitamins, peptides, essential oils

Extractions if needed.

Waxing additional.

Total Emergence $200

Enjoy a Mendocino Massage and Facial Massage Treatment.

Age intervention facial addition $25.

Total Indulgence $200

Enjoy a Mendocino Massage with Sole Revival.

Transform Your Skin With Our Services

Transform your skin and embrace a radiant glow with our skincare treatments. Schedule your skincare service now and embark on a journey to rejuvenated beauty.